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Face it. Starting an in-house HR Analytics team is labor-intensive, time consuming, risky, and might even be overkill given the size of your company. Plus, finding the right talent is next to impossible. 

You need actionable insights you can trust, not hiring headaches or overpriced consultants selling you yesterday’s garbage.

We have the industry experience and the technical know-how to deliver exactly what you need every time, whether it’s foundational descriptive insights that provide a clearer picture of today or cutting-edge, custom-built predictive models to help you glimpse tomorrow.

The best part? We use open-source R and skip the black-box proprietary nonsense.  We’ll give you every single line of code, help you effortlessly maintain your custom analytics processes, and teach you how to keep things humming on your own when you’re ready.

It’s time to start a conversation and start getting the HR Analytics answers you need.

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